True Meaning ™ – The Most Important AI Breakthrough in 25 Years

A July 2016 article entitled “Where machines could replace humans-and where they can’t (yet)”, written by McKinsey & Co researchers Michael Chui et al., discusses the potential for automating work tasks performed by people across various sectors of our economy. In it they identify a crucial gap in current AI technology… “if machines were to develop an understanding of natural language on a par with median human performance, that is if computers gained the ability to recognize the concepts in everyday communication between people…”. They go on to state the impact that this single advancement would have on the automation of jobs. From their findings, the number of work tasks that could be automated within the retail sector would increase by 7%, but in financial services and insurance the impact would be much greater, an additional 23% of work tasks could be automated if this technology existed.

In a similar light, a piece written by Joanna Stern, appeared in today’s Wall Street Journal. It spoke about the improved version of Apple’s Siri intelligent assistant. Although some progress has been made in areas related to common consumer focused usage, including seamless integration with a number of popular apps, there was still an obvious weakness in its “conversational abilities” as was evidenced by its technical design. As a point of reference, Norm Winarsky Siri’s co-inventor stated that the “hard part is recognizing the intent and context of the conversation”. This same technical limitation seems to hold true for Microsoft Cortana, Google Now, Amazon Alexa, and IBM Watson as well.

nTeligence is proud to announce that we have now achieved this key technological breakthrough as described above, within bounded business, government, and military domains. We call it True Meaning ™. True Meaning ™ allows a machine to completely grasp the core concepts in human communications, and fully understand its intent from both a content and contextual perspective. This includes both spoken, as well as written, sentences and paragraphs of English language text. The technology is currently only available to early adopters of our cognition¬≤ artificial intelligence operating system.

For additional information please contact our sales department via email at, or by phone at 561-922-8054.


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