c o g n i t i o n

Product overview

cognition is an Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS). It can be used to build and deploy virtual assistants, robo advisors, chatbots, and recommendation engines. It allows organizations to increase the cognitive abilities and performance of their knowledge workers, across a broad range of job descriptions.

cognition includes a ‘Big Data 2.0’ stack, ensuring compatibility with your existing Hadoop and Spark jobs, along with their inherent data formats, sources, and compression means.

It has the ability to directly interface with its environment. By receiving machine generated events through traditional, as well as newer distributed, message broker technologies. It can also see using its image processing and analysis capabilities. Most importantly though it can speak and understand English, allowing it to talk to people.

It has the ability to make recommendations, by using either machine learning tools, or human like intuition and common sense, or a combination of the two. The platform includes over two hundred industry standard algorithms, a production rule subsystem, and a logic programming environment. Supporting the best of both the art and science of decision making.

cognition has the ability to learn and grow smarter. One way is by finding hidden patterns contained within data. Another is by talking to human experts. The third is through its own experience. The last is by reading through text based documents, and fully understanding their content, using our True Meaning ™ technology.

Included are both ‘build time’ and ‘run time’ environments. The platform can be deployed either on premise, in the cloud, or in combination. It provides a proprietary cognitive engine, as well as an abstraction layer for programmers that simplifies working with the core AI components.

cognition applications can be clustered through the use of mobile agents, and in-memory compute and data grids. This supports the creation of systems that are highly scaleable, and fault tolerant. In which ‘digital workers’ can easily share their knowledge.

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